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Kebab heaven in the heart of Cork city centre!

Our family-run Nosta restaurant serves delicious kebabs, from the traditional doner to classic chicken or lamb. We prepare all our kebabs using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients sourced from the English market.
We serve

the best kebabs in Cork

Nosta is a restaurant that offers the best kebabs in Cork City. Our authentic Turkish cuisine is prepared with fresh ingredients, and we offer a wide range of kebabs to satisfy any taste.
From doner kebabs to our famous chicken kebab and signature lamb kebab, there's something for everyone on our menu. Our kebabs are served in freshly made durum bread with homemade salad and spices. 
You won't look at kebabs the same way again after trying Nosta's delicious kebab creations in Cork City centre!
Et Doner(Gyros) - Nosta restaurant Cork City
Chicken gyros - Nosta restaurant Cork

chicken kebab

It consists of marinated chicken pieces that are skewered and grilled till they are tender and juicy. 
Marinated chicken prepared in accordance with a traditional Istanbul recipe, with a range of herbs and spices, yields a tasty and healthy dish.
We serve our chicken kebabs with homemade durum wheat bread, salad, and homemade sauce. 
Whether you plan to have a salad or chips with your chicken kebab, there is no doubt that it is a healthy and delicious meal to enjoy in Cork City.
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Whether you’re having a romantic dinner for two or a celebration with all of your best friends, Nosta restaurant is the perfect place to book your table Cork.
Niko's Specialties

Recipes we love

The signature recipes in our kitchen have been created by expert chefs to bring out the taste and essence of Mediterranean food in Cork Ireland..
Nosta is among the finest Mediterranean restaurants in the Cork region. With a reputation for serving fresh, high-quality recipes, you can be sure the food won't disappoint.
For generations, our family has passed down recipes for delicious home cooked meals and pizzas.
We've updated some of our favourite family recipes from the past and want to share them with you.
There is nothing 

quite like lamb kebabs

Nosta lamb kebab served with chips or salad is our most famous dish. It is made with lamb that has been marinated in special spices. 
The lamb meat is grilled until juicy and succulent and is served with a choice of homemade sauce or salad. We proudly serve delicious and authentic Turkish grill kebabs in Cork, using ingredients sourced directly from Irish producers.
Fresh ingredients and traditionally Turkish recipes are used to prepare our kebabs, resulting in a delicious and mouth-watering kebab meal for lunch or dinner in our indoor or outdoor dining area.
Mixed Gyros - Nosta restaurant Cork
Chicken Gyros and Chicken Skewers - Nosta restaurant Cork
The Taste

of doner kebab

The doner kebab or döner kebap is a type of kebab that is made from meat cooked on a horizontal rotisserie. 
The stacking of marinated meat on the rotisserie is shaped into an inverted cone, turned slowly on a vertical element to cook it. As the meat cooks, thin shavings are cut from the outer layer with a knife. The vertical rotisserie was invented in the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century and has been an inspiration for dishes like the Arab shawarma, Greek gyro, Canadian donair, and Mexican al pastor.
Slices of doner meat may be served on a plate with accompaniments or packed into a pita or another thin flatbread such as lavash or yufka, known as a dürüm ( literally, "roll" in Turkish). The sandwich generally contains salad or vegetables, including tomato, lettuce, cabbage, onion with sumac, fresh or pickled cucumber, or chilli, and various types of sauces.
Taste The Mediterranean kebabs
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Nosta restaurant is your one-stop-shop for all your takeaway needs. We've partnered up with Deliveroo to make ordering a breeze. Just order online, and we will deliver your kebab straight to your door, or you can schedule takeaway on our website!

Kebab Cork City centre

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