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With its wood-fired oven, fresh ingredients, and traditional Mediterranean recipe, Nosta is a family favourite pizza place in Cork.
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We use high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes for our pizzas.
Quality isn't just about the ingredients we use, it's also about the way we bake them. We've perfected the art of pizza baking and use the authentic pizza dough to create crusts, toppings and sauces that delight our customers time and time again. 
Our pizza chefs are passionate about the art of pizza making and are confident that we serve only the best pizza to our customers in Cork City.
Firewood pizza - Nosta restaurant Cork
Nosta pizza,

the best pizza in Cork

Nosta restaurant Cork is a traditional pizzeria with a modern twist. We use only the freshest ingredients to create a delicious meal for you. Our pizzas are prepared with simple, high-quality ingredients and we focus on using quality dough, homemade sauces and quality cheeses. We hope you enjoy our pizzas as much as we do!
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Pizza recipes we love

The signature recipes in our kitchen have been created by expert chefs to bring out the taste and essence of Mediterranean pizzas in Cork Ireland..
Nosta is among the finest Mediterranean restaurants in the Cork region. With a reputation for serving fresh, high-quality pizzas in Cork city, you can be sure the food won't disappoint.
For generations, our family has passed down recipes for delicious home cooked meals.
We've updated some of our favourite family pizza recipes from the past and want to share them with you.
Wood-fired pizza oven with pizzas - Nosta restaurant Cork
Pizza Nosta

Wood-fired pizza oven

We're proud to be pizzeria in Cork City that uses wood-fired ovens, means that our pizza is baked at a much higher temperature than other pizzerias, giving it a crispier crust and fantastic taste. 
We offer a long list of toppings and delicious additions such as pepperoni, mushrooms, cheese, sausage, onions, black olives, green peppers, fresh garlic or pesto. Vegetarians can also enjoy our pizzas without meat. 
No matter what your dietary preference, we've something for everyone.
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