Outdoor Dining Cork City

Nosta restaurant offers heated and covered outdoor dining in Cork City on our patio. We have an outdoor alfresco and an outdoor sitting area with plenty space for lunch or dinner.
Alfresco dining Cork

Outdoor dining Cork is our specialty

Nosta restaurant provide an outdoor seating area where you can relax with your friends and enjoy a delicious glass of wine or cocktail. With our outdoor dining area Cork, there's no need to worry about those rainy days. You can still enjoy some of the finest Mediterranean food in Cork City while it's raining outside!
Outdoor dining Cork City - Nosta restaurant Cork City
Outdoor dining - Nosta restaurant Cork
Outdoor alfresco Cork City

Enjoy our alfresco

Perfect for a lazy sunny afternoon lunch Cork, or a romantic dinner in Cork with someone special. Indulge in the sights and sounds of the Mediterranean food at our restaurant outdoor dining area. Dine alfresco on our spacious outdoor seating area with an incredible view of Cork City.
Serving authentic Mediterranean dishes with a modern twist, we are known for our flavourful food, with ingredients sourced from the best suppliers around.
Customers love Nosta
Niko's Specialties

Recipes we love

The signature recipes in our kitchen have been created by expert chefs to bring out the taste and essence of Mediterranean food.
Nosta is among the finest Mediterranean restaurants in the region. With a reputation for serving fresh, high-quality recipes, you can be sure the food won't disappoint.
For generations, our family has passed down recipes for delicious home cooked meals.
We've updated some of our favourite family recipes from the past and want to share them with you.

Outdoor dining restaurant Cork City

At Nosta Restaurant Cork, we know that summer is fleeting, and we want you to enjoy it to the fullest. That's why we have created an alfresco outdoor dining Cork experience that's perfect for all occasions: from family dinners to romantic dinners or business lunches.
Of course, the best way to unwind with a wonderful meal and good company is to have dinner outdoors. There's something magical about sharing a delicious meal with friends, whether it's lunch in the garden or an evening meal under the stars. Spend an evening on the Nosta restaurant terrace located in Cork City!

Frequently asked questions

What is the meaning of outdoor restaurant?

Outdoor restaurants refer to restaurants that serve food in the open air. Although many people think that outdoor restaurants are only open when the weather is nice, there are also those where you can dine outdoors even on rainy days and are equipped with heaters and sunroofs to cater to all weather conditions, like Nosta restaurant.

How would you describe outdoor food?

Outdoor food is eating that is taken outdoors. This type of outdoor dining is trendy and considered by many people to be unique, stylish and often fancy. It can be described as a kind of picnic or party because it is more relaxed and more reminiscent of going to a restaurant outdoors.

Why is al fresco popular?

A popular trend in recent years is eating outdoors, i.e. "al fresco". Outdoor dining offers guests the opportunity to dine al fresco while enjoying the amenities and luxuries of the city, the fresh air and the weather.

What type of dining style involves eating outside in fresh air?

Al fresco dining is a type of outdoor eating that takes place in an outdoor dining area or garden. The dining experience is typically more casual than indoor dining, and the food is enhanced as well by the fresh air and nature's beauty that surround you.

Why is alfresco dining important?

Outdoor dining is important because it allows guests a more leisurely dining experience and the opportunity to enjoy foods cooked over an open flame such as barbecued meats, pizzas and roasted vegetables. Outdoor dining is also a good way to combine social interaction with the enjoyment of food. Outdoor dining typically attracts a larger number of guests than indoor seating, so it tends to generate higher revenue for the venue.

Why is eating outside good?

Eating outdoors has several health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, reducing stress hormones and relieving muscle tension. It is even said to improve mood. Improved focus, memory and concentration have also been noted.

What is an outdoor area called?

An outdoor area may be called a patio, veranda, outdoor seating area or sun terrace. Outdoor areas are used for entertaining purposes and are usually covered with some type of structure to ensure protection from inclement weather. Another feature of outdoor design is a garden or lawn. Some outdoor areas are fenced to protect them from insects, vermin and unwanted visitors.

What is dining outside called?

Outdoor dining, also called "al fresco dining", is the practice of enjoying a meal outdoors or, more likely, in an enjoyable outdoor location - such as an outdoor dining area - rather than indoors. Although technically, any meal eaten outdoors can be called "al fresco dining", it is usually used to describe a meal eaten in a more casual setting than formal indoor space.

What does al fresco mean in Italian?

Al fresco means “in the open air.” Often found in front of restaurants or in front of homes, al fresco is the term used to describe an outdoor dining experience. It means the meal is served under the sky rather than inside a building or tented area.

Where does the word al fresco come from?

The phrase al fresco composed of two words, is borrowed from Italian for "in the cool/fresh [air]". It is not in current use in Italian to refer to dining outside. Instead, Italians use the phrases fuori ("outside", "outdoor") or all'aperto ("in the open [air]")

What do you call an outdoor seating area?

A patio or sun porch is a covered outdoor space, usually adjoining a residence and intended for outdoor sitting and recreation. It can be very simple or elaborate, and can be constructed from stone, brick, wood, or other materials.

Cork, Ireland

Informations about Cork, Munster

[geocentric_neighborhoods id="c2952d0a-8ee3-4711-9d5a-2c163bdaf084"] [geocentric_neighborhoods id="6ed9fb5e-e632-4a50-bbc7-6e490f73e624"] [geocentric_thingstodo id="c2952d0a-8ee3-4711-9d5a-2c163bdaf084"] [geocentric_thingstodo id="6ed9fb5e-e632-4a50-bbc7-6e490f73e624"] [geocentric_busstops id="c2952d0a-8ee3-4711-9d5a-2c163bdaf084"] [geocentric_busstops id="6ed9fb5e-e632-4a50-bbc7-6e490f73e624"] [geocentric_mapembed id="c2952d0a-8ee3-4711-9d5a-2c163bdaf084"] [geocentric_mapembed id="6ed9fb5e-e632-4a50-bbc7-6e490f73e624"] [geocentric_drivingdirections id="c2952d0a-8ee3-4711-9d5a-2c163bdaf084"] [geocentric_drivingdirections id="6ed9fb5e-e632-4a50-bbc7-6e490f73e624"]

Facts about Cork City, Cork

From top, left to right: City Hall, the English Market, Quadrangle in UCC, the River Lee, Shandon Steeple
From top, left to right: City Hall, the English Market, Quadrangle in UCC, the River LeeShandon Steeple
Coat of arms of Cork
Coat of arms
The Rebel CityLeesideThe Real Capital
Statio Bene Fida Carinis(Latin)
"A safe harbour for ships"[1][2]
Location of Cork
Cork is located in Ireland
Location within Ireland
Coordinates: 51°53′50″N 8°28′12″WCoordinates51°53′50″N 8°28′12″W
State Ireland
Province Munster
Region Southern
County Cork
Founded 6th century AD
City rights 1185 AD
 • Type Cork City Council
 • Lord Mayor Deirdre Forde (FG)
 • Local electoral areas
  • Cork City North West
  • Cork City North East
  • Cork City South Central
  • Cork City South East
  • Cork City South West
 • Dáil constituency
 • European Parliament South
 • City 187 km2 (72 sq mi)
 • Urban 174 km2 (67 sq mi)
 • Metro 820 km2 (320 sq mi)
 • City 222,333[3]
 • Density 1,188/km2 (3,080/sq mi)
 • Metro
 • Demonym Corkonian or Leesider
Time zone UTC0 (WET)
 • Summer (DST) UTC+1 (IST)
T12 and T23
Area code 021
Vehicle index
mark code
Website www.corkcity.ie

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