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10 Most Delicious Types of Turkish Kebab in Cork

Kebab Cork City

As the result of perfectly grilled skewered meat, Turkish kebabs have an aroma, taste, and appearance that charms naturally. You can hardly avoid them whenever you need a delicious and filling takeaway.
What’s more? You don’t have to be in Turkey to enjoy this delicacy. The kebabs are readily available at your nearest fast-food restaurants or cafes in Cork City, the Irish capital of fine dishes.
Here are some of the kebab variants you won’t miss in eateries nearby.

Adana kebab

Adana kebab

Adana kebab is the most common Turkish kebab you would find in Cork City’s restaurants, cafes, or fast food outlets. Traditionally, Adana was strictly made from ground lamb. But, today, chefs can use beef, veal, or mutton.
The ground meat is seasoned, mounted on iron skewers, and grilled over hot charcoal. It is served on flatbread with a vegetable salad.

Cağ kebab

Cağ kebab

It is made of thin slices of boneless lamb, marinated in a mixture of sliced onions, black pepper, salt, and basil, originating in Erzurum Province, Turkey. After marinating, the cuts are mounted on a spit and then grilled over a wooden fire.
When the outer layer is grilled to satisfaction, it is shaved off and served on skewers alongside roast peppers and tomatoes.

Tepsi kebab

Tepsi kebab

Tepsi Kebab is made from ground meat mixed with chopped pepper, garlic, onion, parsley, tomato, and other spices. Then, the meat-vegetable mixture is oven-baked on a standard baking pan. The kebab is served with plain rice or flatbread.

Eggplant kebab 

Eggplant kebab

This Turkish kebab is made of skewered, grilled eggplant rings and meatballs. Chefs mould the ground meat into disc-like balls, and then they mount the balls on a skewer alternating with sliced eggplant. 
After that, they bake the skewed meat and eggplant in an oven. These kebabs are served with a sauce and Turkish bread.  

Çökertme kebab 

Cokertme kebab

Different from other Turkish kebabs, chefs prepare this speciality from marinated veal strips sautéed to satisfaction. The meat is served with crispy deep-fried pieces of potato. Many chefs prefer topping up the potato fries with yoghurt before placing the meat strips on top. 

Forest kebab

Forest kebab
While kebabs are considered fast food, this variant is more of the main course. It is an excellent dish for kebab lovers looking for a more filling meal. The Forest kebab is prepared from pressure-cooked meat mixed with boiled green peas and diced potatoes. It is best served hot, sprinkled with thyme.

Bundle kebab

Bundle kebab
Bundle kebab is another Turkish kebab often served as the main course rather than fast food. It is a pancake bundled with sautéed meat and green peas. The kebab is usually served hot, garnished with béchamel sauce.

Beyti kebab

Beyti kebab
Beyti kebab is prepared from skewered and grilled ground beef. The grilled meat is wrapped in a thin flatbread known as lavish or durum bread. Then the flatbread wraps are topped with yoghurt and tomato sauce before serving.

Oruk kebab

Oruk kebab
In appearance, Oruk kebap looks like its Adana counterpart. However, it is made of ground fatty lamb, spiced with onions, to give it a distinctive flavour different from Adana’s. The ground meat is mixed with a bagel and formed into balls, mounted on a skewer, and then oven-baked. It is served with fresh bread.

Büryan kebab

Buryan Kebab
The Büryan kebab was one of the most loved cuisines during Ottoman times. It still maintains that reputation. The kebab is made from diced lamb meat cooked over coals to get one-of-a-kind tenderness and juiciness. The kebab is served on pita bread or any other flatbread.
Order your Favorite Turkish Kebab with Confidence
Now that you have an idea of the different types of Turkish kebabs feel confident to step into your favourite restaurant in Cork City and ask for the exact variant you want. No more feeling awkward when presented with a menu listing multiple different types of kebabs.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best type of kebab?

While Turkey produces a wide range of kebabs, doner kebab is the most popular. Its rotisserie grilled lamb meat is delightful, and its fresh vegetable salad will leave you feeling nourished—no wonder the kebab is regarded as Turkey’s culinary identity.

What is the difference between kebab and kabab?

Kabab is a Middle Eastern name for a kebab. The only difference is the cooking procedure and the native spices used by chefs from the two regions. Kebab is also known as kebap, kebob, or kabob in other areas.

What is in a doner kebab?

Doner kebab contains grilled beef, lamb, chicken, pork, fish, or a mixture of all these meats. Furthermore, doner kebab contains a salad made from fresh vegetables like cabbage, eggplants, tomato, lettuce, and onion.

What is the difference between kebab and kofta?

Kebab’s meat is often mounted on skewers, grilled, and served alongside pita, salad, or sauce. Conversely, Kofta meatballs are simmered in a condiment rather than grilled.

What is a Chicken kebab called?

The Turkish name for Chicken kebab is Tavuk şiş. These kebabs are made of boneless, skinless chicken meat, cut into cube size chunks. The chunks are marinated, thread on bamboo skewers, and then grilled to satisfaction.

What is a lamb kebab called?

Lamb kebab is called Adana kebab. It is made of lamb mince, commonly spiced with sumac, parsley, or chilli.

Why is kebab so famous?

Kebabs have an extraordinarily juicy flavour, tender texture, and pleasing aroma. These are the main reasons why many people love this meaty cuisine. As well, other people seem to love the novelty style of serving this fast food on skewers.

Which country makes the best kebabs

While every country has its kebab version, Turkey makes the best. Famed as the inventors of kebabs, Turks have perfected and mastered their kebab-making skills to an unsurpassed level. They know the right meat, spices, and herbs required to make a perfectly juicy and tasty kebab.

What animal does kebab meat come from?

Traditionally, Turkish natives got their kebab meat from young sheep. However, nowadays, chefs can get their meat from turkey, chicken, sheep, cow, or goat. They aren’t restricted to using lamb meat.

What does shish kebab mean?

Shish is a type of kebab prepared from heavily marinated and spiced chunks of lamb, poultry, fish, mutton, veal, or beef. After marinating and spicing, the meat is skewered, grilled, and served with steamed rice or grilled vegetables.

What does Kefta mean?

Kefta is a Moroccan street kebab made from lean ground beef. The beef is formed into balls, marinated, seasoned, skewered, and then oven-baked to satisfaction. This Moroccan kebab is similar to Turkish kofta.

What is the difference between kebabs and gyros?

Gyro is a Greek sandwich stuffed with vegetable salad and grilled pork, chicken, or lamb meat. The meat and vegetables are stuffed into pita bread and topped with tzatziki sauce. Unlike a gyro, kebab’s grilled meat is attached on skewers, and it doesn’t have to be stuffed into anything.

Is souvlaki a kebab?

Prepared from skewed grilled meat and vegetables and served with fries, sauces, and pita bread, souvlaki is, without doubt, a kebab variant. However, the traditional Greek souvlaki is prepared from pork, a highly shunned meat in Turkish kebabs.

What is a gyros kebab?

A gyros kebab is made from grilled pork, chicken, lamb, or beef, mixed with fresh veggie salad, and then stuffed or wrapped in pita bread. Before grilling, chefs marinate the meat with various Mediterranean spices like thyme and oregano to give it a characteristic Mediterranean aroma and flavour.

What’s the difference between kebab and shawarma?

Shawarma is always wrapped in thin bread. Kebabs don’t have to be wrapped in flatbread. Likewise, kebabs are made from skewed meat grilled over a fire, while shawarma is made from vertically grilled meat.

Is chicken kebab better than doner?

Health-wise, chicken kebab is better than doner. As its name suggests, the chicken kebab is made from marinated boneless chicken, healthy white meat. Doner is prepared from red meat with high-fat content.
However, if you want something that is extraordinarily succulent and tasty, doner wins. Its juicy, tender, well-spiced meat shavings won’t disappoint.

Who invented kebab?

It goes back to the 17th century, and it’s believed that it has been invented in the Bursa region from the Ottoman Empire time.

Where was the first kebab made?

Bursa region in 17th century.

What is the difference between a chicken kebab and a shish kebab?

Chicken kebab is strictly made from one specific meat—boneless chicken meat, cut into cubes and then grilled. On the other hand, shish kebab is skewered, grilled, cubes of lamb, fish, poultry, beef, or any other meat.

What is Urfa kebab?

Urfa kebabs are made of mincemeat seasoned with Urfa chilli, a spice with a distinctively sweet, smoky, and salty flavour. Afterwards, the spiced minced meat is moulded into sausage-like shapes and then grilled.

What does kebab mean?

Kebab is a collection of lamb, chicken, beef, mutton, and any other meat. The meat is often skewed and then baked, grilled, or roasted over hot charcoal. Kebabs are served with fresh veggie salad, flatbread, fries, and sauces.

What is a Turkish kebab called?

In Turkey, a kebab is known as a kebap.

What is veg seekh kebab made of?

Veg seekh kebab is made from a mixture of fresh vegetables and legumes like cabbage, capsicum, beans, carrot, peas, and potatoes. The vegetables are mixed with gram flour, mounted on a skewer, and then baked in a clay oven.
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