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7 Things to Do in Cork City

Cork City

Cork City is a hub of hospitable dining facilities, architectural marvels, busy shopping malls, theatres, historical heritages, and first-class nightlife. Simply put, this city has all the amenities required to keep everyone engaged.
However, if you want to expand your to-do list, here is a sneak peek of things that will keep you entertained.

Shop and dine at the English market

English market

Cork City’s English market is a bustling business hub with hundreds of stalls selling fresh meat, organic vegetables, processed animal products, spices, seafood, artisan foods, boutique items, novelty gifts, and pottery.
If you aren’t into shopping, you can sneak into one of the market’s restaurants upstairs and taste some freshly prepared food specialities or sip on a cup of aromatic coffee as you watch the world go by.

Get some Thrill in Cork City Gaol

City Gaol

A former prison with a pretty dark history, the Cork City Gaol is worth a visit. A century ago, this castle-like building was home to prisoners serving long sentences for petty offences like stealing bread.
You will take a self-guided tour around the prison’s cells to get a sense of the awful prison life at this facility. You will meet life-like figures of sorrowful prisoners and sadistic guards on your way. You might even spot the ghost lady rumoured to be staying here.
As well, the Cork City Gaol has a radio museum with beautiful displays of vintage radios.

Shop, dine or stroll at McCurtain Street

McCurtain Street is a busy hub that keeps you entertained, from classic dining places, attractive streetscapes, spacious pedestrian walkways, lively bars, iconic theatres, and fantastic shops.
For instance, the street is home to Everyman, Cork city’s oldest theatre. Here you can catch live drama, operas, plays, and many more theatrical performances. The theatre has been operating since 1897.
McCurtain Street neighbours Marlborough Street, which is home to renowned restaurants offering local and international cuisines and vibrant bars that are always bustling day and night

Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral

Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral

Opened in 1870, Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral is one of the most distinctive landmarks in Cork City. It brags of a neo-Gothic design with three-pointed spires. A 17th-century cannonball hanging from the church’s roof reminds visitors of Cork’s 1690 siege.
The cathedral’s interior is another architectural marvel. It is adorned with over 1260 sculptures carved by renowned artists, an ornate pulpit, and massive glass windows featuring Biblical scenes. It is open every day except Sunday.

Ring the Shandon Bells

Shandon Bells Cork City

Formally known as St. Anne’s church, the iconic Shandon bells tower is a must-visit for anyone who tours Cork City. Locals and tourists frequent this tower to see the famed eight bells and perhaps, get an opportunity to ring them. As well, the bell tower’s balcony offers sweeping views of Cork City and its surroundings.

Learn the History of Butter in the Butter museum

Cork’s Butter Museum has a rich history of Cork’s butter business. This museum has documents and artefacts that will give you a sneak peek of the entire butter production business, from dairy farming to butter production. At the museum, you will see some of the paraphernalia that ancient Corkonians used to produce butter.

Dine-in Cork City excellent restaurants

Streets of Cork
Cork City is famed as Ireland’s food capital for good reasons. It has many classic outdoor restaurants serving Ireland’s traditional delicacies like soda bread, Irish stew, boxty, boiled bacon, smoked salmon, Irish barmbrack, and coddle.
Some restaurants have gone a notch higher to serve celebrated cuisines from other regions of the world. Thus, if you want to get inspired by exotic flavours, get to Marlboro Street, and make a reservation at Nosta to taste delicious Mediterranean- Turkish cuisines.

Cork city is a vibrant hub for creativity, culture and innovation. With so many things to see and do it can be hard to know where to start. 
Walking around the city, you will be able to see many different buildings and monuments that tell us how rich and vibrant Cork's past has been.
Some of the places you shouldn't miss when you're in Cork City are libraries, parks, police stations, post offices, churches, courthouse, hospitals and fire brigades in Cork City.
Take an Escape to Cork City, and weel Sure You’ll Enjoy
Cork City has plenty of fun opportunities with a vibrant city life, beautiful nature parks, classic dining facilities, and history-rich heritage buildings. Even with its rainy climate, you will still find something fun to keep you busy over here. What’s more? There are plenty of free fun activities for visitors who wouldn’t want to overspend

Know Cork City Better

What can you do in Cork for free?

Different from most cities, Cork has several places where you can do plenty of free fun activities. This is one of the good reasons why Cork is a perfect getaway spot for locals and visitors. Some of the best free things you wouldn’t want to miss out on include:
⦁ Learn some history or chill at the Gunpowder Mills in Ballincollig
⦁ Have some beach fun at the Redbarn strand in East Cork
⦁ Picnic at Fitzgerald Park
⦁ Learn about Cork’s past at Cork Public Museum
⦁ Window shop at the city’s malls
⦁ Explore space at Blackrock observatory

What is there to do in Cork today?

⦁ Explore Cork’s Markets
A visit to Cork’s markets is an excellent way to get a quick insight into Cork’s local lives. Here you will interact with local farmers selling fresh produce, respected artists hawking awe-inspiring souvenirs, and great local chefs making artisan foods. You will hardly miss something amusing at the market.
⦁ Catch a performance at Cork theatres
Cork city has a rich history of plays, operas, and other theatre performances. Everyman, the oldest theatre in Cork, opened its doors in 1897. At the theatre, you will always catch high-quality theatrical performances to keep you busy and happy.
⦁ Stroll around the parks
If you want a break out of the busy town, get into Cork City’s parks like Barryscourt Castle & Gardens, Fota House & Gardens, FitzGerald’s park, and Tramore Valley Park. Here, you will get to relax on grassed lawns or walk around as you enjoy beautiful park views.
⦁ Marvel at the world’s iconic churches and cathedrals
Cork City is home to St. Fin Barres and St. Anne’s Church. You can spend your time photographing these architectural marvels or go inside to discover the cathedrals’ gargoyles and artistic interior decors.
⦁ Go window shopping
With several shopping malls, art galleries, and boutiques, you can spend your time checking out new products from your favourite brands, comparing prices, as well as window shopping. You can start your tour at Mahon Point, Merchants Quay, or Bishopstown Court shopping centres.

Is Cork City Dangerous?

Cork has low levels of mugging, car theft, assault, and other violent crimes. So, the city is safer than most European cities. You can walk around till late in the evening, and you can interact freely without any issues.

Is Cork worth visiting?

Cork’s fame can be attributed to many factors, a respected food capital built on a marshy area. However, it is well known for its long history of revolting. This is why it is nicknamed the Rebel City, a title earned in Cork’s first rebellion staged in 1491. Corkonians have revolted several times since then.

What is Cork famous for?

Cork’s fame can be attributed to many factors, a respected food capital built on a marshy area. However, it is well known for its long history of revolting. This is why it is nicknamed the Rebel City, a title earned in Cork’s first rebellion staged in 1491. Corkonians have revolted several times since then.

What is a person from Cork called?

A person from Cork is a Corkonian.

Where can I run or walk in Cork City?

If you enjoy jogging, running, or walking, you are so lucky to be in Cork City. This city has several trails that are friendly for your sporting activity. But, if you are yet to find an excellent place for you, here are a few to consider.
⦁ Mount Hillary Loop
This 10-kilometre loop will take you through a beautiful forest path decorated with pine and fir trees as it heads up to Mount Hillary’s summit. Its elevation is great for walkers with moderate to high endurance.
⦁ Warrenscourt
Warrenscourt is a great walking and running spot in Cork. It has a trail two walking and running trails. One runs beside Buingea River, and the other was formerly used by farmers bringing their produce to Cork City’s market.
⦁ Ballincollig Gunpowder Trails
The Ballincollig Gunpowder Park has several walking and running trails for each walker out there. It has a 1km walk for those with low endurance, a 5-kilometre Powdermills trail for walkers with moderate endurance, and a 7-kilometre military route for walkers with medium to high endurance.
⦁ Old Crosshaven railway path
The Old Crosshaven railway path is an excellent option for runners and walkers who wouldn’t want to go out of the city. It is perfect for runners, joggers, and walkers. However, at times, it has more traffic since it is convenient to many city dwellers.
What to do in Cork when it’s raining?
While it frequently rains in Cork, that shouldn’t kill your zeal to get out and experience what Cork has to offer. Instead, you can engage in boredom-busting activities that you could do indoors.
⦁ Hang out at Monkey Maze
Monkey Maze is a large indoor venue where kids can enjoy all sorts of indoor fun. Here, your lovely young ones will enjoy slides, tunnels, ball canon, and swinging games. A soft play section is reserved for kids aged below four years and a parents’ hangout area.
⦁ Explore the space from Blackrock Castle Observatory
Established on the River Lee’s shores, this castle served as a watchtower. However, today, it is an observatory equipped with telescopes to let you explore and discover the wonders of space. It is fun entertainment for both adults and kids.
⦁ Do climbing at Awesome Walls Cork
For all you thrill seekers, Awesome Walls has you covered. It has an 800-square meters indoor space for climbing and bouldering. The indoor space is an alternative to ordinary rock or mountain climbing.
⦁ Catch a show in one of Cork’s theatres
If you enjoy opera, plays, comedy, melodramas, and other theatrical performances, check into Opera House, Everyman, or Granary theatres. You will always get something to keep you entertained as you wait for the skies to clear.
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